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Totoro and his buddies introduce the women to a series of adventures, including a trip aboard the extraordinary Pet cat Bus. Victor of the Academy Honor ® for Ideal Computer Animated Function, Hayao Miyazaki’s fascinating dream adventure is a spectacular masterpiece from one of the most well known filmmakers in the background of animation. Chihiro’s … Read more

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Bruce Willis stars as Ron Whitlock, a needed criminal leading a team of mercenaries on a mission of vengeance. Convinced that the government is working against them, the ruthless team brutally seizes an energy plant and holds everyone inside hostage. With a neighboring community on the verge of substantial flooding as well as damage, it’s … Read more

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When Paul Thomas Anderson asked her to star in “Licorice Pizza,” the musician had zero acting experience. However there were some genuinely terrific launches, ranging from music docs and musicals to westerns and the just plain unusual. In the frontier region of Montana in 1925, a psychological drama unfolds as a solidified and also autocratic … Read more